Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Rajasthani Women

Indian women has always been graceful and beautiful with her simplicity. And rajasthani woman is no exception. Women of rajasthan are strong and brave yet calm and composed. They look very  stunning and attractive in their bright- coloured clothes. Rajasthani women like to wear dresses with multiple colours and patterns on them.

The women of Rajasthan show a distinct preference for bright costumes. From the simple village women or tribal to queens, the preferred colours are bright red, dazzling yellow, lively green or brilliant orange, highlighted by a lavish use of sparkling gold and silver zari or gota.

Another thing that adds to their beauty is their marvelous ornaments. In daily use the ladies wear normal ornaments of neck, hand, nose and ear but on special occasions and social functions women wear all the ornaments of different parts of the body to look beautiful and attractive. For its exquisite designs and delicacy of art, Rajasthan ‘s Jewelry is a rage not only for ladies of India but also for women of foreign countries.

Women of Rajasthan Looks simply beautiful … check out these paintings :-

Beautiul women remembering her husband.

Beautiful woman in night.

Rajasthani women wearing beautiful ornaments.

Beautiful woman in her palace.

Villages women with simplicity.
Her Sparkling Eyes

Woman grinding grains.

With her husband

Playing game
When alone
Her complain

With beauty and simplicity

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